Ah, a blog!

>Yup. I became one of them today. A ‘Blogger’. Well, technically, I’ve blogged for years, but in old-school fashion- with a pen and paper (in a secret book that’s stored in a secret room in a secret house where my alter-ego resides). The glory in still keeping a journal, you ask?? (I’ve never had a diary in my life, I refuse to call it a diary!) Secrets still remain, you can vent without guilt, sob about…? and plain ol’ chat about whatever the heck is on your mind that you can’t talk about. My journal has been where I’ve placed my dreams, of things to be and of wishes of things that should have been (or NOT have been).

So, to sum it all up, welcome to this blasted blog. I hope you enjoy. I don’t know if I’ll share much, or if I’ll share too much, but check back now and again and find out.

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