Repulsed By Another Hobo…(don’t miss the fine-print)

>Maybe it hasn’t been stated before, or maybe it’s been said too much. And living here in Eugene, where all life is valuable (unless it’s a pre-born human), I will probably find myself in trouble for writing this. I truly find hobo’s repulsive. I loathe them. Despise them. Hate them even. What brings this about? Lately, I’ve had several close encounters with them. They always seem to be shirking about in some random location, waiting to prey on some unsuspecting person. I feel that they are completely useless in this world.

Harsh? Hardly! Have you seen the wounds they’ve inflicted? Have you heard of the nightmares they’ve induced? And, as their presence is only increasing, people are starting to feel less secure both in and outside of their homes. I know I am. And it’s justifiable for having such a fear. Today, as I was in my own back yard, enjoying the cooler weather with my boys, we were charged at by a single hobo. Here is where trouble may arise as I state the truth of what happened next; I hit it with a shovel. I felt we were threatened and there was justification in my actions. As we screamed in terror, I knew there was nothing else I could do but weild my shovel and deliver a deadly blow.

I can’t say I mourn the loss of this nameless hobo. I doubt many will. There is no marker on the grave. There was no fine farewell or eulogy. Not a single tear shed. Goodbye, nameless hobo. May spider eternity treat you well.

(for more info on hobo spiders, please don’t ask me as I may come at you with a shovel out of pure fear that in speaking the word ‘hobo’ another vicious spider may arise from the grave and attack)

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