Oh, how times change…

>I recently came to realize the great deprivation going on in our culture, mostly affecting our children. I don’t know what came to bring about the changes, most likely it was someone in Washington with some grand idea… but I came to the understanding that the youth of our nation are no longer living the many life-enhancing experiences of what most of us older generations knew in our childhood.

My childhood, to me, was rather ordinary. And seeing how my friends were raised, we all shared the same experiences. Life was full of fun, random excursions. But there were also circumstances necessitating that I should have to earn some wages, even early on in life. And that led to complete and utter emotional devastation brought upon by rejection. I can think of days and weeks on end of nearly trying to sell my soul to the next stranger, trying to make a single dollar, only to be sent away… the shame. It still resonates heavily in my soul. And yet I know, that without these experiences, I wouldn’t have the spirit to persist despite adversity. I wouldn’t know how to overcome that dreaded shame of refusal and become stronger as a person of worth.

So, as I deal with all that I have learned and apply it daily to my life I have so many questions… though I do understand some concerns, I wonder why people no longer force their children to do door-to-door sales of candies and other hardly-useful items? Why must it be encouraged that they sell only to friends and family? Why must we spare them the shame?… or rather, why wasn’t I spared?

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