The Root of All Evil

>Until recently, I didn’t realize that I had surrendered all rights to my brain. It’s kind of like I’m in a horror movie, and I didn’t realize I was living it.

As a child, I watched the movie “Invaders from Mars” (the 1986 edition). If you haven’t seen it, these giant aliens that take over the world by drilling holes in the back of people’s necks. They all became drone-like, and the way you could know they’d been transformed was by the trade-mark Band-aid on their necks. Needless to say, it was highly inappropriate for me to sneak and watch. I suffered endless nightmares from the movie, the only more disturbing images to ever enter my mind’s-eye being “Cocoon”. [If I ever found a cocoon on the back of my neck, it may be the death of me, especially if ants are involved.]

But back to my decreasing mental capacity.

Lately, when asked a question, I have only had one answer. It’s like it was drilled into my brain, and there’s only one answer that can come out. It’s not that I don’t possess any other knowledge, it’s that I cannot overcome. There was a seed planted, it’s taken root and all that now grows is this lone thought.

It can be a question regarding the weather, an address, a scientific fact, someones height. And, as I find my brain is relying heavily on this lone idea, I now find that my phone is infected as well.

Be warned, it’s viral, highly contagious and may soon take over the world. “What is it?” you ask.

As the movie suggested on it’s ads, there’s no place on Earth to hide.

I can only give you only the same answer I give everyone regarding everything else;


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