I’ve Never Eaten A Snail

>The European Union was created in 1993 as a means to compete with the US for power and the rights to act superior. It hasn’t been easy to mesh different ideas and 23 languages, but all countries involved seem to thoroughly enjoy gathering together, with earpieces to sort out the cacophony, and form new ways to confuse American tourists while they travel abroad.

That being said, only a few decades ago, this may not have been possible. (Thank God, Al Gore invented the idea.) As an example, it was only in 1945 that the enmity between Germany and France ended and the Franco-German Partnership was created. This truly seemed to be an impossibility, and some days may not logically make sense, especially with the never ending battle for who has the superior cars. The French argue their Peugeot reigns supreme, while the Germans stand by their Volkswagen. It’s an argument that, like many American Chevy vs. Ford disagreements, has been known to ruin the best of relationships.

And yet, now France and Germany stand strong, side by side. They have overcome their Euroscepticism, and are now known in the EU as the “twin engine that could”.

So, why the history lesson? In an amazing turn of events, I have now come to realize I have absolutely no clue who I am. I am but a random person in this world, whose origins are questionable. I’m a foreigner in my own body.

True, I could be feeling this way because I have been suffering from a migraine. They tend to make my mind cloudy. It could also be the smoke in the air, here in Oregon. There’s always much speculation as to what we’re actually breathing in, as the locals burn their choice, er… incense?

But largely it’s due to the fact that I have grown up identifying myself as mostly Dutch/German. I have found my pride in my roots, and also blamed my heritage on my prideful ways (and to quote my Grandma, “Big bones.”). Maybe I should have been more aware, and realized that not only is my pride evident, but also arrogance. If I could have seen this in myself, but a bit more clearly, maybe I would have foretold the events that happened this week. This week I found out that, as much as I am German, I am also French. Oui, it’s true. So, today I make an internal Franco-German Partnership and pledge to continue life as I have known it. I will try to judge less, and though I will never get over the terror of working with an irrational blind Frenchman, I will live more peaceably with the French. And above all, to avoid more conflict, I will continue driving a Jeep.

One thought on “I’ve Never Eaten A Snail

  1. >I think I understand why the migraine. And, possibly the arrogance associated with the French may indeed be one of the more admirable qualities you have been exposed to via the blind-Frenchmen.

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