It’s getting hot in here…

>All of my life, as long as I can remember, I’ve feared being a diaphoretic. This isn’t one of my fears that’s crippling. It’s not like my myrmecaphobia, where I can’t help but shut down in fear. I can survive, and should I have an episode, I can quickly recover. I’m sure a lot of people would tell me to just get over it, that life shouldn’t be full of these fears… And while I try to overcome, in the heat of the moment, it becomes my obsession.

So, I’ve chosen to live my life carefully. I try to ‘dress for success’, and stick with environments in which I feel comfortable. I’ve truly taken a very proactive approach to this issue. I found that adenosine has been linked to causing specific episodes of diaphoresis. Now, I try daily to combat the presence of its mere existence in this macrocosm that is my life. I have even been medicating myself because of this.

But, finding this (near)cure has also led to a light addiction. Okay, a rampant addiction. You never expect the cure to become its own disease, but it has. And not without its own side-effects. I find myself feeling more alert at random hours when sleep should be calling me. Some days I feel edgier, almost jittery. And, in the unfortunate event that I’m unable to ingest my daily dosage, it feels as though my world is crashing in around me. My head aches, my body feels weak, my bed beckons me.

But don’t think that I’m complaining. I’m not trying to break this addiction, yet. My fears are still prevalent. Honestly, I know it’s not healthy to be so dependant, but I cannot choose life any other way. I’ve tried. And, upon further research, as much as my medication is for binding the adenosine (therefore helping combat my diaphoretic-phobias), it’s useful in other ways. It’s been known to combat cancer, help fight off diseases like diabetes and Parkinsons…not that I should try to justify the vices in my life.

So, there’s no real significance to my admissions today. As a diaphoretic, I fear excessive sweating. Adenosine is naturally in our bodies, and can increase perspiration, but caffeine binds the adenosine. And gosh darn it, if caffeine is gonna help, I’m drinking more coffee. Coffee is the cure for everything. So drink up!Besides, who needs sleep anyway?

One thought on “It’s getting hot in here…

  1. >Therefore, with this knowledge you drink down your double shot iced latte and sit down at the drum kit with confidence that you won’t prespire—true definition of genius!

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