Some things I’m thankful for….or rather, the first 10 thoughts that came to mind…

>To celebrate the closing of a year, and welcome in a new one, I’d like to share with you a small list of things I am thankful for this year.

10: Velcro on my kids shoes. ~ I don’t mean the kind that straps them on, but the little sticky tabs I added to put random notes to people, especially teachers. Example: “Please ignore the staples in his head, he always likes to start school well-supplied”

9: Used books from St. Vincent DePaul. ~ Books are cheaper to buy there than at your local mega-mart-book-peddler, and they come with a unique ‘used-by-an-old-person scent’ only found in thrift stores.

8: My Wii and WiiFit. ~ Not only do I get to be more fit, but I get to do so while making the neighbors wonder if I’m fighting with my imaginary friend…again.

7: Lint Rollers. ~ I don’t actually own one as of yet, but with my dog currently shedding, I like to know that the possibility of removing his excess hair from my shirt, with ease, is possible. And for only a small cost.

6: Wood (and its byproducts). ~ What can’t it do? Sure, it can’t be used as a flame retardant, and maybe it doesn’t taste good to eat, but… Houses can’t be made without it. [Okay, they probably can.] But, without wood, we wouldn’t have newspapers. [Although, many are online now.] Okay, well at least without wood, we wouldn’t have pulp and without pulp we wouldn’t have toilet paper. And that would be a sad world.

5: My toenails. ~ As of this day, more than 26 years into my life, I have yet to have a toenail fungus, and for that I am grateful. *knocks on wood (see what else wood is useful for?!)*

4: My dogs desire to eat anything. ~ I always knew I wanted a puppy, but I never knew the extent of the joys that would abound in my having to pry things out of the creatures mouth, every ten minutes.

3: The cat that adopted us. ~ Me, thankful for a cat? Yes, because who else could I refer to as “el diablo”, while cleaning their muddy prints out of our bathtub. And how many people can say they have a cat that loves to sit in a tub?

2: The wipers on car headlights. ~ Not only are they highly useful, clearing off the high beams, but they’re just dern cute. Teeny-tiny wipers going ‘swish-swish-swish’.

And for the final thought…

1: Nonsense. ~ Not only does it help ease the daily dose of serious, but it makes the blahs dissapear, if only for a moment. “A little nonsense now and then, cherished by the wisest men”… a constant thought, singing in my head, thanks to good ol’ Willy Wonka.

Thanks for reading my blogs this year. As Christmas draws near, and a New Year approaches, I hope that you will find peace and joy in your life’s journey.

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