It all makes sense.

>If you know me very well, I’m sure that the words you’d use to describe me would be numerous and a reflectoin of my obvious quirks. Those of you who have taken time to read my blogs may have a whole different set of words and opinions of me (ranging from ‘funny’ to ‘I suggest trying shock therapy’). But no worries, I love all the feedback. And considering some of the oddities of me, I find myself wondering how I became who I am. Yes, God created me, but perhaps His creation was a slightly different version. Maybe through some traumatic instance my personality may have become slightly altered. Or…? I truly have many theories on this.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, proof arrived in a email. I’ll share it here;

You won’t know me but when you were just learning to roll over your parent’s entrusted me with your care for a few hours. I myself, at that point , had no clue about babies… I put you down to nap on my bed, like an angel you slept. Unfortunately you woke up while I was at the Kitchen sink. I looked up from the kitchen sink and saw you happily rolling over and heading for the (carpeted floor). I started running to catch you, stubbed my toe on a kitchen chair, tore my great toe nail off but picked you up off the floor. You and I sat there crying and (me bleeding) until your Dad came to pick you up. I started crying again when I had to explain the rug burn on your forehead to your dad.
How is life now?”

(I will leave the writer unnamed, and hope they don’t mind becoming the subject of one of my infamous blogs.)

This is the answer! There is positive proof in the memory of my one-time caretaker of infant me; I hit my head. Hard. And I got to sport some terrific rug burn, too! This explains my randomness, my obsession with exploding a dead whale, my frequent memory issues….

Although, if I’m being honest and if memory serves me correctly, I know this wasn’t the only instance of bumping my head. But my memory isn’t reliable. And perhaps my self-inflicted shock-therapy (think baby Jakz putting keys in an outlet) may have altered my growing toddler mind.

So maybe this truly isn’t the answer. I’m suddenly not sure now. And speaking of answers, um, what was the question?

One thought on “It all makes sense.

  1. >The self-inflicted shock therapy did you no harm. You still could impress anyone with your communication skills and your beautiful smile after the incidence just as prior to the blackened outlet episode. Though, when you would look towards a set of keys you often had the deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. Keys being dangerous was an issued you worked through very quickly and you were completely over the issue at age 16.–Mom

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