looking for opportunities…

>I’ve been highly desiring to find a way to let my creativity flow again, and yet I keep neglecting to write. Hopefully that will change.

I just need new inspiration. Or maybe to just realize that my writings don’t always have to be lengthy, grand and/or thought provoking. That even just a minute detail from my life could be enough to brighten a day, or spark a thought.

Or if nothing else give you ammo for harassing me later.

So, here’s my little piece of life I’d like to share with you…

I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Yeah, old topic I’ve talked about before on here. It’s just that, I tend to be a dreamer. I want to run with lots of ideas, just not sure which one is the right fit. So, when a good looking job becomes available, sometimes I feel the need to apply. Though, I usually don’t. I do have a lot of ‘home work’ to keep up with, at the moment.

I recently came across a possible employment opportunity that could possibly be a ‘dream job’, or at the least a step in the right direction. There weren’t a lot of specifics listed as to what the qualifications were they were looking for, but I know I could be the right fit. I’ve already worked in multiple jobs that could relate to this specific one.

So I wrote up and sent out a resumé that morning. I wanted to share with you a few of the finer points I listed in it, in case you may know of any other job openings I’m unaware of.

-Order & organization are important to me, but I try not to be OCD about it.

-I keep a very professional, tattooed and pierced appearance. Poor tattoo quality is a pet peeve of mine.

-I enjoy writing and editing.

-I know how to fold an origami Darth Vader.

To me, it’s extremely important to cover all the bases and give possible future employers as much info about yourself as possible.

I hope I hear back about the job soon.

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