I just heard…

>Are you one of those people that finds yourself listening to some absurd stories? I find that people feel the need to tell me anything and everything. Mostly, it’s entertaining, sometimes disturbing. And I’m not just talking about people I know, but strangers as well. After years of this happening, I’m thinking maybe I should share some of these random moments. So here are a few recent stories…

Yesterday, I had a guy start telling me about how his friend has a 7 week old pot-bellied pig that is potty trained. When it needs to go potty, it goes to the back door and starts snorting. He said it even plays well with the persons dog, and their neighbor dog… but he assured me when all three are together, they keep a good eye on them. I asked him, “Is it because you’re afraid the dogs are gonna realize they’re playing with bacon?”

During a recent trip to the grocery store, the cashier had to remark that she likes otter pops. I replied with a not rude, but a mildly unenthusiastic, “Yeah, they’re good(?).” She must’ve interpreted it that I needed reassurance of their grandeur, instead of me sounding like I was confused why she needed to tell me this. She then proceeded to tell me how she wants to always buy them by the case. They’re good! They’re good! “I like to get up in the middle of the night and have one, you know if I get too hot or something? And my husband will wake up sometimes and come out for some water or something and I’ll be sitting in my chair eating one. He’s wondering what I’m doing, but they’re good!”

And all I could think is, “Since when did they lace those things with crack?”.

Today, a woman in her 70’s had to ask me how I had my shoes laced. So I held out my foot and told her, “Very messily!”. She proceeded to tell me about how her husband only wore Converse (what I was wearing today) until a couple years ago, but he had to lace them a certain way. The right way. Not the way I had done it. She was wishing he was with her so he could show me.

These are my shoes and how I had them laced-

These are how she thought they should be laced, “Straight across is good!”-

Maybe next time I get new Chucks, I’ll lace them like this, and hope my path crosses with this kind, talkative grandma so she can inspect my shoes and have a story to tell her husband.

So talk to strangers people, let them talk to you, too! You never know when you’re going to hear a hysterical story, and odd story or a story with way too much information.

You never know when you’ll finally meet the person who can teach you to tie your shoes correctly!

So, have any stories you want to share with me? Feel free to leave them in my comments section!

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