I’ve been unfaithful…

It’s hard to say where it began. A little glimpse here, wandering thoughts there. Whispered seductions of an easier life, of happier times. Promises of no frustrations.

Other people have done it, and they’re actually happy now.

I don’t know why I stayed so long. It’s been dull. The meltdowns had been severe, and I’ve worried you wouldn’t recover from some of your crashes. You need help. Honestly, the lack of interaction and the overwhelming sense of ‘blah’ exuding from you have about made me give up altogether.

But I’m not giving up. I’m just moving out and moving on.

So with these few words, I say adieu. Goodbye, blogspot. You’ve been… well… adequate. You were my first blog, but it’s time we part.

I’m moving on to higher ground. New ventures await. New friends to be made, new posts waiting to be written and read.

Hello, WordPress. I’m glad we can finally go public with our relationship.

[Please make sure you bookmark this as the new location for my blog! thanks!]

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