a tidal wave of nonsense…

This blog is mine, obviously. It has my name in its URL, though not my actual name.  So, since it’s mine I can post and do what I want.


Okay, that was obnoxious.

Of course, if you hack into my account, my blog can be yours and you can post whatever you like. If you want to aggravate me in doing so, make sure you post lots of things about kittens. Kittens are highly overrated in my book. And if you want to flat-out offend me, post multiple pictures of adult cats. I just don’t understand the appeal of cats. Sorry, I know I probably alienated and offended many of you. I truly apologize! But it’s just who I am. My dad told me I couldn’t like cats when I was growing up, and apparently this was one area I was very obedient. Feel free to hate on me for loving dogs. I know a lot of people can’t comprehend how anyone can love those dumb, tail-and-squirrel-chasing creatures. (Unless the dog doesn’t have a tail. Or doesn’t know squirrels are called squirrels, but will run out the door to chase one if you point outside and say, “Hey, Mojo! Look! A squid!”)

I’m a dog person, and even worse, the person who posts pictures of her dog licking its nose. Plus, pictures like that have a great gross-out content. Cats are too polite to do that. Of course cats hack up hairballs, so… It’s a draw.

Can we agree to all get along and yet still love the pets of our choosing? Besides, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t own just a dog. I’d also have frogs! And a hedgehog! And a chameleon…make that three chameleons! Three is a grand number and they are extraordinary creatures.

Until the day I can reside in a zoo, I’ve resolved to having only tattoos of these glorious creatures. Minus the hedgehog. I don’t have a tattoo of one of those yet… There was a point to this post, and it was going to be simple. Why did you distract me like that? When did I start experiencing adult ADD? I need to paint my fingernails.

Today, an amazing album came out by an awesome band, Rootdown. It’s called “Tidal Wave”, and you need this album!

Everyone calls their music happy, especially in recent reviews, and it is. I typically like hardcore, but there is something to their music that can reach anyone. It draws the listener in, and brings a smile to the face. Even if you’re listening while cycling in the rain. Even if you despise the rain. It’s like sunshine for your ears. The kind that doesn’t cause sunburns.

So, the moral of the story is this; go buy the album! iTunes, Amazon.com, buy an autographed copy, buy it at a show, just make sure you buy it! And purchase a copy for a friend, sunshine is something that should be share, especially here in the gray northwest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write an apology to the band Rootdown for plugging their album in the same post that I talked about nose-licking dogs and my disdain for cats…

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