the shadow proves the sunshine, the sunshine proves i’m not so smart…

When the sunshine appears, it’s truly magical to me. Maybe you scoff at this thought, and if you do I already know this about you- you don’t live in the Northwest. And when the sun finally shows itself, I have a sudden desire to cram in as much yardwork into the short amount of time it lasts as possible. (And as the previous one proves, it also causes me to cram in as many words into a sentence as possible!)

But I’m thinking the sun may actually cause a decrease in my intelligence, or perhaps increase my recklessness.  Is this possible? Since I just spent a considerable amount of time in it, I cannot be 100% positive about this though.

I was using the weed eater today. For those of you who are like my son, that may need to be interpreted. Last time I asked him if he knew where the ‘weed eater’ was (I constantly misplace it, I wish someone could explain how that is possible!), he responded with, “The What?!?!“. It’s a ‘weedhacker‘ to him, all thanks to the movie Over the Hedge. But I digress… it’s an electric weed eater I use, no noxious fumes and loud motors for me. Or at least that’s the way it usually works. Today it decided it should emit lots of smoke. Lots. But I kept using it. Thankfully it didn’t blow up on me, I’m sure the odds were pretty good considering I’d also hit the extension cord with it. Twice.

(See? Not quite the brightest star in the sky when the sun is out…)

Then I decided to remove some blackberries that had started growing in the corner of our yard. I could’ve left them, no one would’ve known of their existence. And maybe I could’ve had another berry for the picking this summer? (Ha! blackberries are the Oregon State Weed, not including actual weed…) So what do I decide to do first? I changed out of jeans into shorts first, because they’d definately be more comfortable to work in. Yes, kneeling in blackberries and weeds is great! My legs have enough scratches to prove that was a bad decision.

We wont mention the fact that I thought I could pull out some 12 inch raspberry starts without good gloves on…or the fact it feels that the thorns are doing the typing and not my fingers.

So, the question will probably remain unanswered as to whether or not the sun actually decreases my intelligence. I’d like to think that perhaps I’m not getting dumber, but that the sun just illuminates my stubbornness to get things done. And done my way. Actually, let’s pretend that’s not a viable option. Maybe we should forget I ever mentioned any of this.

Well, I need to go mow the lawn now. Here’s to hoping I survive this session unscathed. It would seem the odds are against me, though. The sun is still shining.

Does the sun make you do stupid odd things, too?

4 thoughts on “the shadow proves the sunshine, the sunshine proves i’m not so smart…

  1. it is WAR you know…you must fight when the sun is at your back..the wounds you gather are true battle scars…this is so the neighbors(who spend TOO much time manicuring their lawn) can see with doubting eyes that YES you have entered the fray…leave the jeans on, comfort is irrelevant…do carry gloves at all times, you never know when weeds may attack…it IS a WEED-WHACKER!! and to celebrate the BiG YeLLoW SUN-paint a bright yellow line on the border of your property-the neighbors will thank you

    1. Yes, it is a war!!! and I love the idea of painting a yellow line for a border! I’m just not sure if it should be a solid line, a dotted line or a solid line with dots on one side….

  2. I’m pretty sure I have S.A.D. (most appropriate acronym ever) because I get depressed if I’m not in the sun. It makes me happy.

    Strangely enough, my girlfriend is allergic to the sun. True story. I thought she was crazy until we would go outside and she would start sneezing. Crazytown.

    1. I’m all too familiar with S.A.D… unfortunately, everyone here in the NW is. The sunshine disappears for months.

      Sounds like you and your girlfriend are quite the match (and proof that opposites attract perhaps?). =)

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