Time is passing by too quickly. It’s just a fact. Sometimes, it hits me like a ton of bricks. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, though. It helps me regroup and consider what’s important. It also helps me keep a proper perspective on what my kids are experiencing, and to remember they’re creating their own histories. These are the moments they will look back on.


In this trail of thoughts, I found myself taking a stroll down memory lane. Trying to remember what it felt like to be childlike and carefree, I couldn’t help but ask myself questions of what I remember…


Remember when you could swing almost high enough to touch the sky? When you just had to taste the play dough?

Remember when it didn’t matter if your clothes matched? Or they had to match just your way, as odd as that may be?

Remember when the smell of cookies didn’t mean an upcoming battle of resisting calories, but of happy treats?

Best friends forever? Climbing trees? Skinned knees?

Remember when a lawn wasn’t a chore to maintain, but a playground to explore?

When dandelions were flowers, not weeds?

Did your parents tuck you in every night? Did your mom sing you a song as she turned out the light?

Were there monsters under your bed, or hiding in your closet?

Did you have a toy box you liked to empty on the floor and hide in?

Remember when telephones were  connected by a cord to a wall? Did you pull on that cord incessantly to get your parents attention?

Did Mr. Rogers ask you specifically to be his neighbor? Did you answer him?

Did you feel dwarfed by giants, the giants being adults?

Did you crawl around under pews at church? Hide in store clothing racks?

Remember the thrill of spinning in circles until you had to fall down? Then spinning again and again and again…

Cartwheels? Somersaults? Learning to ride a bike? Without training wheels? How to use bicycle hand-brakes?

Jumping in sprinklers? Jumping rope?

Bee stings? Breaking things?

Remember when emotions were simple, knowing either you felt sad or happy (and sometimes mad!)?

So many childhood things to remember… what other thoughts, memories or questions would you add to this list?

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