I’m not making this up

In a leap of faith, I decided today was the day to do something huge. Something big. Something supergiganticfreakingawesomeandlargeandstuff. I decided to call and add my car to the insurance policy. See, now that we survived the DMV fiasco (more info on that here) and the car is registered, all we have to do is get it running. And it truly is close! I promise I wont bore you with the details of what it needs (although if you humored me in that, I may actually take you for a drive in it).


So, I picked up my phone to call. And then I realized I didn’t push the actual ‘call’ button. Anyone else still have this problem?  I still expect that, upon the completion of dialing a number correctly, it will automatically start calling. Fortunately, I had no witnesses to this event, so I didn’t have to be embarrassed. Oh, wait. But I digress.


So, after the cordial hello’s and dealing with a whole other issue I had to call about (Can we all join in and say, “Claims are fun”? No, because then we’d all be liars, and liars…well, we know where they go, right?) I told our insurance guy I needed to add a car. Not a problem, that’s what they do. Simple, right? Apparently, not in this case… Which has become another good example of why you shouldn’t name inanimate objects. I named my car “Problem Child”, and well… sometimes it is.


Insurance guy- “Did you buy it to replace one of the cars you have?”

Me- “No.”

IG- “Well, okay. So you own it?”

Me- “Yeah, we bought it.”

IG- “Tell me a little bit about it, I need the year of it first and the type.”

(Now, you must know, I went easy on him and gave him the abbreviated name of it. )

Me- “It’s a 1983. It’s called a Pininfarina.”

IG- “A what?”

Me- “A Pininfarina…”

IG, sounding extremely puzzled- “Okay, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and spell that for me?”

So I spell it. Then I spell it again, really slooowly.

IG- “Okay, well then… what’s it like, I mean… Does it even have a model number?”

Me- “It’s Italian, and it’s a spider.” (Again, I went easy on him as it’s technically a Pininfarina Azurra Spider 2000. See, I can be nice!)


At this point, he sounds as if he thinks that I made this car up. Like I have nothing better to do with my day than call my insurance agent about an imaginary car I need insurance on. Plus, if I were to make up a car name, I wouldn’t go for something that sounded so absurd. It’d have to be easy to spell and somewhat believable. “Hi, I need to add my new car to the policy. It’s called a Go.” seems a little simpler. Less fake.

IG- “Well, do you mind me putting you on hold for just a moment so I can enter this into the computer and figure some rates for you?”

I didn’t mind waiting. And honestly, I wasn’t surprised at his response when he returned to the phone.

IG- “Jaklyn, is it okay if I call you back in just a couple of minutes? See, I cannot get the computer to let me enter it, it just doesn’t recognize it and… I’m gonna have to call corporate to see what I can do to make this work.”


So, I will wait for him to return my call and tell me what he learned, and I’ll be patient when I have to wait longer than expected. I might even wait somewhat happily. Why? Especially because it means eventually I’ll be able to drive the little car, and legally. But also I’ll wait happily knowing a simple fact; every time he has to speak to someone at corporate to sort this mess out, he has to go through the same issue I just encountered.


A what?! What is it called, a pennyferria? No. It’s a Pininfarina.


So, if you were to make up a car name, what would it be?

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