Sharing the Joy of Paradise

Picture by Jesse Sprinkle

I cannot put into words how important creativity is to me.  Music, art, words, the release of them is something that brings peace to my soul. Creating brings hope on my darkest days, it can be therapeutic and joyful, at times it feels almost life-giving.

And without the ability to create, my frustration abounds.

I read a quote once that spoke of writing, but could apply to the artistically inclined in general.

“…A non-writing writer is, in fact, a monster courting insanity.” -Kafka

I love that quote, because I feel that quote. To sit idly by, to not be able to express myself feels like a form of torture. We were born to inspire and be inspired, we are all gifted and we are all called to share our gifts, whether in writing, in art, in music, in so many ways… We were meant to share, with the world, who we are.

Which is why, believing as I do, I’m so excited about an upcoming project, and seeing it come to life…

Paradise, Uganda.

My dear friend, Jesse Sprinkle  (you may know him as the drummer from several of my favorite bands, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Poor Old Lu…), has taken several trips to Uganda in the last few years. After returning, he’s often spoken of needs that he’s witnessed on his visits to Kampala. But, when speaking of the kids in Kampala, the topic will typically turn to how inspiring they are, how courageous they are and how much joy they have. And if you look at some of the pictures he’s captured, you’ll see the kids truly radiate joy.

But what is about to happen with the Paradise, Uganda project isn’t just about capturing their joy and their resilience in imagery, it’s about capturing it in sound… And then going forward from the creation of those sounds, and building relationships, opportunities…

From Jesse… “What is Paradise Uganda? We’re investing into the lives of a precious community in East Africa. Here we understand stress, anxiety, and busy schedules. But your heart would break to see the struggles in these slums of Kampala. It’s like nothing I can put into words. I still can’t fully process what I’ve experienced and seen. But I’ve also been inspired by the spark and courage in these amazing kids. We’re starting with music, and going so much further beyond it. We have the plans, the mission, the relationship……….. And we need help to make this happen. If anyone wants to know more, please take a moment out of your life to give it a chance. I’m speaking on behalf of those I know and love in Uganda, as I promised to be a faithful ambassador.”

I am so excited at the prospect of this! To know that on his next journey to Africa, Jesse, along with Kurt Johnson, will be working on an amazing project. They will be enabling the people of Kampala to share the songs from their hearts, in their voices, giving of their creativity to the world, which is nothing short of incredible.

So here’s the greatest detail, you don’t want to miss- You can help make this happen.

Just take a quick moment to check out the site for Paradise, Uganda on Indiegogo and you’ll quickly find out more info on all the project encompasses.

Please, think about what you can do to help. Consider partnering with this project. This isn’t me just promoting a cause on my website as a favor for a friend. This is me sharing with you something I believe in. I have joined with it, and hope others will do the same, too. The opportunity to create is something everyone should be given.

Besides, as Jesse said, “This will be much more than just making a cd. We want to create an impacting and lasting relationship with this community in Uganda. They are a precious and amazing group of individuals…”

Creating relationships by creating music. Such a beautiful concept.

I’m guessing even Albert Einstein would be on board for this project, as he’s the one who said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

If you have any additional questions about Paradise, Uganda, and how you can help, please email

Will you share in the joy of Paradise?

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