Jaklyn Larsen Photography

As a person who refuses to wear her prescription glasses, the world is always a bit out of focus for Jaklyn Larsen, at least until her camera is in front of her eyes. Some of her earliest memories of photography include taking horrible photos in Washington D.C. as an 8th grader, and sneaking her grandma’s disposable camera out to a pasture to photograph vultures feasting. She grew up in the Willamette Valley, thankful to live in a community that celebrates the great outdoors. She occasionally talks to the birds she photographs, because, as noted above, she grew up in Oregon. She currently lives at the coast with her family, and is in constant pursuit of capturing images of the natural beauty that surrounds us all. It’s a huge task to undertake, but one she is ready and willing to attempt.

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Unrivaled beauty. Photo by Jaklyn Larsen


Low Tide Crow by Jaklyn Larsen

Photo by Jaklyn Larsen