I still want to break the law

There were one too many items spilled on the kitchen floor today. Somehow, the toothpaste had yet again traveled to the bathroom floor by a force unseen. It was decided, I had to mop. Clean floors aren’t just about sanitation in our house, but they also help maintain mommy’s sanity.  It’s bizarre to admit to my neat-freakish tendencies, especially surrounded by my boys and their stuff. My boys who resemble Pig-pen from Peanuts more than any other character I can think of in this moment, as there’s always a whirlwind of mess following them. Needless to say, I rarely have spotless house, especially if you include windows. Not gonna happen, ever. But please, sometimes just let me have clean floors. That’s all I ask.


So that was the plan today, clean the floors. I swept up the dust tracked in from their busy feet and proceeded to get the water & cleaner ready for mopping. As I was about to reach for the mop, I heard Traben running towards the kitchen from his bedroom. “Hey, Mojo!!!” he yelled… and then proceeded to throw chips onto the freshly swept floor. Ugh. I reminded him we don’t throw food in the house, please. (It would seem he should know this by now,)  “Oops! Sorry about that!” was his response. The dog helped clean up the mess, so it wasn’t a big deal, but it reminded me of a post I wrote over two years ago. It’s still relevant, and it completely applied to my day. In case you never read it, I thought I’d share it with you… It’s short and it’s all about my desire to break the law.


Physics & Physical Labor

Where would be the ideal location to have a food fight? I’m thinking I’d like my house to not be one of the options…

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