my birthday list

As I’m officially increasing numerically, in regards to my age anyway, I decided to make a list. A list of ideas, dreams, thoughts, and whatever else not-so well thought out that I need to embrace and put in list-form in regards to my coming year. I say “my coming year” because I’m writing this on the eve of my birthday. (Let me know if you need my address so you can send me cash. Or coffee. Or an original NES. I’ve really been wanting to play one again.) I’m not usually a person to make resolutions, especially on New Year’s. Maybe it’s my way of rebelling? I’m not sure, but I guess if I was honest about it, I can agree that sometimes it’s good to think about goals. Sometimes. So, with that much being said, this is what’s I’ve got…


This year I would like…..


To reach for the stars and not worry about being only on my tip-toes instead of climbing the “ladder of success”.

To grow wiser about the world without becoming more worldly or needy of worldly goods.

To accrue aforementioned wisdom without accumulating gray hair in the process.

To remember there is such thing as hair color if those pesky gray hairs ever show up. And also keep in mind, the more I stress about their arrival, the sooner they will appear.

To have patience & grace for those who push my buttons, especially those who knowingly do so.

To remember that Tuesdays are only one day of the week.

To love more.

To give more.

To laugh more.

To cry (more?).

To laugh more than I cry, and help others to do the same.

To not crash my bike where people can witness my example of gracelessness.

Actually, to not crash at all would be nice.

To encourage and embrace others, expecting nothing in return.

To antagonize and acerbate those same people, because, well… I can only be so nice.

To be more honest about where I am in life. Which might mean not all of the stuff on here is heaped with humor.

To write more.

To listen more.

To buy more suits of armor…Or maybe not. One is probably enough? I might have to take a vote on this.

To end this list before it gets tiresome…

So, in all of your collective grand wisdom, you readers of my insanity, what else should I add to my list? Or what would your list have on it that I didn’t include?

6 thoughts on “my birthday list

  1. list…tiresome?? i kinda wanted more 😉 additions:
    – to ALWAYS shine for Him
    – to ALWAYS be prepared for opportunity
    – to ALWAYS set obtainable goals!(example of unobtainable goal – tolerating stupid people)

    1. Truly, my heart is to constantly try to seek and live for God more so with each passing day. And to be a better wife/mom/friend/dog-walker…I think I was trying to reach outside of the typical goals I think of daily.

      Coming up with more snarky stuff to add to my list might be an obtainable goal I will set, deal?

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