details and time travels

I love to observe, to soak in the environment around me. To study what’s around me, and try to see the complete picture of any given moment, including the tiniest of details, brings me great joy. The contrasts in scenery and people, what blends, what belongs, what is obvious and what is rarely noticed… all the world can be intriguing, if I only give it a moment of thought and a bit of effort. My unwritten goal is to always be seeking to see what the casual observer would gloss-over. What would be missed by most, I want to acknowledge, and therein find a bit of cheer.


I truly don’t want to miss out on anything.


Or perhaps I just don’t want to focus on any one thing?

(While the latter might hold more truth, I’d prefer for this moment to think of myself as a bit of a hyper-vigilant observer.) 


Which is all fun and games until it translates over into the other senses. It’s not just seeing. It’s things like scents… Actually, nevermind the sense of smell. That is an overwhelming subject I don’t want to discuss, especially if it involves halitosis.


I will readily admit I’ve noticed I have an especially hard time tuning out the sounds around me.  And despite the fact that I am found often playing my drums (and rarely quietly), I have to admit that my hearing still seems pretty sharp. Yes, basically this is me admitting I have a hard time not eavesdropping on conversations. But seriously, some people talk way too loudly about things no one should ever discuss. Especially not publicly. And honestly, goodness knows if there was a switch in my brain I could flip to not pay attention to all this, I’d gladly utilize it. Sometimes. Maybe.


Admittedly, all these confessions have me worrying you readers will be contemplating how to psycho-analyze me and what medications to recommend for the many issues I so recklessly flaunt. Just don’t. There is no hope, I’m quirk-ridden and all the happier for it. However, you do have my permission to count your blessings in knowing there is only one of me in this world. And one is enough for anybody. Wait!…That’s the truth about Everlasting Gobstoppers, not sure it actually applies here…


And now I have digressed, nearly past the point of redemption…


Having two sons with vivid imaginations has led to some hilarious moments. Many of which I would’ve missed. had it not been for my ears listening in on their conversations from afar.


Yesterday morning presented itself with a quick dialogue from them that will remain one of my favorites ever witnessed. In a fleeting conversation overheard as I was in the kitchen and they were gathering their things for school in the living room, they delivered this gem…


Seven year old Traben asked his sage, nine year old brother a question he’d been contemplating,


“Creedie, can scientists really go back in time?”


To which Creed responded, readily and with conviction, “Yes, but that would be only in the future!”

He then went onto explain that the scientists just haven’t decided to travel far enough back in time to teach us the ways of time travel yet. Personally, I think he’s onto something. And if it’s not knowing the truth of time travel, it’s the art of running with a ridiculous idea and owning it to the end. (I have no idea where he gets this trait.)


I feel I should apologize for my lack of focus, for my being overly distracted with all that isn’t necessary. And that’s probably a valid idea. But I don’t think I will. Instead, I’ll request a little grace for my idiosyncracies. A request that you embrace me as I am, with my flaws and lack of focus. Or perhaps even better, you might decide to join me in trying to see more, feel more, hear more. Enjoying the little things in life is something that can create the most profound sense of joy, for me anyway. Yes, sometimes amusement is in the overheard conversations of strangers discussing pop-culture crushes or bad habits. But sometimes true contentment is found simply in the sound of neighborhood kids laughter drifting over backyard fences, in fresh-cut lawns, in beholding the bees buzzing around dandelions or listening to crows cackling, it’s found in the beauty of a sunset, in music flowing…


It’s all found in the details.



3 thoughts on “details and time travels

  1. so did we decide someone from the future has to go to the past(present) and tell someone from the present(past) how to get to the future(present, for the someone from the future)? And more importantly when do unicorns make an

    1. Some of the answers you seek are highly classified, so I’m not at liberty to answer. As for the unicorns, they finally make their appearance, but with a bit of a dissapointing image; Their hair isn’t rainbow colored, as many have expected.

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