Cave Art

There are days when I can’t stand cell phones. You know, it’s those moments when you’re having an in-person conversation with someone and their phone distracts them. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how to interact as people, together, without electronics.


And you know what? I’m guilty.


I think a lot of us are guilty. And I apologize for losing focus when I shouldn’t. I’m working on it.


That being said, this isn’t turning into a lecture. Rather, it’s quite the opposite, it’s me taking a moment to praise those incredible, mult-tasking devices.


I’ve decided I’d never want to go back to the days before these handy little machines became so readily available. There are moments when they’re not only fun, but actually needed. A random example I’ll just pull out of thin air might be, say, a friend and I find ourselves out of town, shopping and needed a map… to get out of a parking garage. Or I might possibly need to make a call for roadside assistance because I have a flat tire… and my spare is technically the wrong tire for my vehicle. They’re also handy for sending antagonizing texts, making cheap long-distance calls, wasting time playing games, reading books and even taking photos…


And really,  it’s the availability of having a camera so readily available that brings me great joy. It’s knowing I can catch random moments of my kids in action at a park, without having to lug around (read: risk destroying) my camera. It’s being able to snap a quick pic of a funny sign, at a moments notice. It’s being able to capture what I see, and how I see it. Yeah, a cell phone doesn’t make up for the quality of a DSLR most days… but then again, sometimes I’m quite happy with my phone’s cooperation.


And today, I found myself yet again happy to have a camera handy when I least expected to need it. As I was checking on my garden this afternoon, I happened upon this busy, little bee…


Cell phone photography, are you part of the club?

Still prefer actual digital cameras? 

Film cameras?!

Carving what you saw on cave walls?


If you take phone pics, do you have a  favorite cell phone photo app?


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “Cave Art

  1. Amazing picture!!! I have a cell-phone from back in the Ice-Age, so it doesn’t do cool things, but one of these days I’m going to get an iPhone and take cool 35mm (like) videos with it. I love those.

    1. Sounds like a fun plan! I really haven’t branched out into taking many videos, but that’s a great idea. And I hear editing is pretty easy on iPhone’s, too.

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