New Neighbors and Nick-Names

I am pleased to announce, I finally have a new neighbor. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that previous neighbors have moved on. Nope. They’re still there beyond my back yard fence, with their obnoxious dogs, their random moments of yelling about fences and their propensity to call me Jackie.


And since that topic came up, I’d like to take a moment to say, just don’t. Don’t call me Jackie. Please. It has to be said. I understand the majority of Jaclyn’s (or Jacklyn’s or Jacqueline’s) are okay with a shortened version of their name. That version, I’m not really okay with. Never have been, don’t care to be.


How strongly do I feel about this? So strongly that I recently returned a name tag made for me, created  under the assumption I was okay with being called Jackie. Never was I asked, never had I introduced myself as such… As I returned the tag, I was polite but emphatic as I told the maker of the misspell that I can’t stand being called that. Nails-on-a-chalkboard obnoxious to me. And she acquiesced, she also admitted that she completely understood, as her name is Elizabeth and she has never appreciated having her name shortened to any form either.


Why shorten anyone’s name, unless it’s requested? I move that we ban inflicting nick-names, shortened names, etc. unless that preference is made known. Seems simple and agreeable, right?


So, for the record, my name is Jaklyn. You can call me that, you can call me Jakz. The other name? Let’s leave it for someone else who identifies with it better, okay? Thank you. *end of rant*


Where was I? Oh, yes, a new neighbor! You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the new tenant that had just moved in. My excitement built at the thought of an introduction to be made, a new neighbor to interact with and one that would know me as I prefer to be known.


“Oh, hello there!” was my introduction to this beautiful new resident. A bit robust in appearance, I could tell she was quite the hard worker by how beautiful her new premises already appeared. Not talkative, but seemingly inquisitive, I tried to keep our interactions short, as I didn’t want to appear intimidating. She was quite the delight. Though she was a bit too camera shy and wouldn’t allow pictures so I could properly introduce her to my readers, she was quite happy with the idea of me sharing images of her new home.


And goodness, it is beautiful! Meticulously she keeps it and I look forward to many return visits with her, my new friend and keeper of my raspberries.







Do you have any nick-names you loathe or love?

2 thoughts on “New Neighbors and Nick-Names

  1. My husband, who is tall and thin, loves to play with the younger nieces and nephews. He would tickle them, make them laugh and tease that he would get their chicken legs. Somehow, he ended up with the nickname of Uncle Chicken by a few of the kids.
    Then one nephew started to call me Aunt Hen…..oh, no…I did not ask to be a part of this chicken thing (and he was old enough for it to not seem cute to me). When the nephew’s mother started introducing me to others as Aunt Hen….well, that was too much…like you said, nails-on-a-chalkboard. That nickname had to come to an end.

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