When Pen and Paper Collide

As many people struggle with, there are days when I feel as though I cannot slow down the thoughts in my mind. Endless ideas, a never-ending to-do list, a things-I-forgot-to-do list; I find my brain is inundated and in need of a reprieve from the ridiculous cycle. In trying to divert the onslaught of constant thoughts, I’ve found exercise works, sometimes. Playing my drums helps, on occasion. Reading a book can be calming, but only if it keeps my attention. And sometimes none of those are enough.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered there is a stress relief solution, one that is grand, one that’s simple and spectacularly mind-numbing, but in the best of ways.

I started doodling.

When I grab a scrap piece of paper and sit down with Sharpie in hand, I have no expectations of creating art, no plans to make anything grand and noteworthy.

I just doodle. And I relax.

Chain Doodle

Chain Doodle

A collision of ideas...

A collision of ideas…

As random as they get...

As random as they get…

Do you doodle? How do you unwind and let go of your day-to-day stress?

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