Just A Short Drive Away…

I’m a dreamer, there’s no denying it. I dream often, and I dream big. One of the many things I dream about is packing up and moving far away, trading in the familiar, yet highly random, Willamette Valley for something… different. Or maybe what I consider seeking is something more normal?

Oregon is weird.

Sometimes living here gets to me, though I usually try to embrace the oddities, as I don’t want to spend my life aggravated by the idiosyncrasies that surround me. Sometimes I love living here. Sometimes I worry my residing in Oregon is turning me into a character from Portlandia. Oh, wait, maybe I already am…

Then there are moments when enduring the weirdness pays off. On occasion, I have the opportunity to impulsively decide to spend the afternoon at the beach, as it’s just a short drive away. Those are the days I wonder why I would ever consider leaving this incredible place. Those are the days that keep me here. Those are the days that remind me of what a treasure Oregon is and how fortunate I am to call this state my home.

Yesterday was one of those days…

In the waves...

In the waves…

Seashell, seashell...

Seashell, seashell…

Creed digging for treasure.

Creed digging for treasure.

Traben was hoping to dig up some clams.

Traben was hoping to dig up some clams.

Driftwood sculpture... What do you see?

Driftwood sculpture… What do you see?

South Jetty Beach, Florence, Oregon.

South Jetty Beach, Florence, Oregon.

Beach Grass.

Beach Grass.

Where is your favorite place to go for last minute adventures?

7 thoughts on “Just A Short Drive Away…

    1. I find it funny that a lot of people I meet in Oregon share this opinion. It’s the beauty of the state that keeps them here.

  1. man these pics are awesome!!! They mae me miss Oregon my home soooo much. I live in easter
    mt/ND border. its so barren here. Came here for the money. You made me miss home!!!!

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