Meet Chum

“Hey, you! Come here!” has become a common phrase I’ve taken to cheerfully calling out while in my front yard.


I’m sure my neighbors think I’m odd, though they have plenty of other reasons for thinking so than this one! Sorry to say, I just can’t help it. For the record, I’m not that loud, I try to be discreet, and I’m definitely not as loud as my neighbor who constantly calls for Mallory the Cat. But I digress…


You see, almost every time I call out, I’m rewarded by my  joyful buddy Chum’s appearance as he comes running, ready to greet me. I didn’t name him (I also don’t know if he’s technically a him). My son Traben named him, as he spent the last several months admiring Chum scramble all over our yard, scurrying up and down our pine tree. As Chum’s become more familiar to us, we’ve also become more familiar to him. Today I thought it would be nice if you became a little more familiar with him, as well.


We discovered Chum likes sunflower seeds, peanuts and having his picture taken with my iPhone. Apparently, Chum is a little bit vain.


Someone likes having their picture taken...

Someone likes having their picture taken…


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



What creatures do you find joy in observing?


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