Curbing My Enthusiasm

Another day at the park, another opportunity to search out new sights to delight my eyes. These particular flowers had been begging for my attention for over an hour before I decided to make the effort to hobble up to their planter and view them up close. I say hobble because walking gracefully is impossible when I’m wearing this walking cast, especially while walking on an incline. These particular flowers grow along the side of the upper level of the skate park my sons and I frequent. Risking any semblance of dignity I might’ve maintained after my short jaunt up the hill, I decided I wanted to capture the beautiful faces of the flowers as they basked in the sun. Crouching wasn’t going to cut it for perspective and kneeling isn’t possible with this stupid boot. I decided my only option was to sit on the curb-stop and risk getting ran over by the bmx bikers while trying to angle my iPhone just so. I’m sure there was some eye-rolling from my sons and their buddies as they glimpsed me half in the bushes, half in the skate park.

Isn’t it in my job description I’m supposed to embarrass my kids?

Uncomfortable, awkward, graceless…those are the words that best describe my pursuit of capturing such fleeting beauty.

In the end, I think the picture was worth it…


Yellow coneflowers bask in the beautiful Oregon sun...

Yellow coneflowers bask in the beautiful Oregon sun…



What do you most like to photograph?

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