’tis the season…


It’s not often in life that our pets can communicate their ideas clearly. Actually, I’m not sure if pets have ideas, this is something I haven’t really contemplated before. Sometimes it almost seems possible, though mostly my dog makes me wonder how he’s coordinated enough to walk on four legs. Yet, sometimes Mojo surprises me. Based on his stealing the props to prove his desires, I’m guessing Mojo was trying to tell me something very important to him. I think he really wants to be a vampire. I guess I have no reason no to let him be one. So long as it doesn’t involve any shirts that say something in reference to what team he’s on. Vampires should have nothing to do with glitter.


Even so, if someone asks me if I’m going to dress up my dog for Halloween, I will answer firmly in the negative. Because, I believe in only telling the truth as I see it.

“Nope, he can dress himself.”

Ever dress your pets up in something ridiculous? Do your pets ever dress themselves?

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