manure is actually pretty refreshing

I came across this picture today, it’s a random one I took in my backyard a while ago. I love it. To me, there’s something fun about taking skewing sizes and visuals. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the ridiculousness of taking something small and helping it to appear grand. Or on the flip-side of that, finding a way to view something monstrous in size as though it were a miniature. Reality at times can be boring, who wouldn’t want to try to squish skyscrapers between their fingers and thumbs? Plus doing so makes me think of a great song.


Another reason I also love the picture is not for what it is, but what it could be.  I love if for what it inspires in my imagination. The possibilities of what the scene could become or of what could exist around it captivate me.  I see the benign mushroom and hope to see a gnome pop out from behind it. I see it and think I’d really like to have a salad with some mushrooms, or a slice of pizza with mushrooms, or… maybe I need to take a lunch break? I look at the image and suddenly find myself transported into the landscape,  tiny. And when I  look up I see the fungus tower over me, begging me to find the solution to the question; Is this an edible species?. Apparently, with my visions of me shrinking,  Alice In Wonderland has had a bigger impact on my imagination than I previously have given it credit for.


I see beauty in this picture. The funny thing is, you know what makes mushrooms grow beautifully well? A whole lot of crap, except in this picture. I may have an odd sense of humor, but I’m not going to be posting pictures of things growing out of manure. And if I want to run further off topic, I have to admit that I can never hear the word ‘manure’ without instantly thinking of George from Seinfeld. He had strong views on manure,  “Horse manure’s not that bad. I don’t even mind  the word ‘manure.’ You know, it’s, it’s ‘nure,”’which is good. and a ‘ma’ in front of it. MA-NURE. When you consider the other choices, “manure” is actually pretty refreshing.”


Wow, I digress.


Looking at the image made me contemplate what it takes for these fun little fungi to grow. For them to become strong, to flourish, to become what they are supposed to be, they have to break through a whole lot manure to get there. And isn’t that life for all of us, no just mushrooms? For us to become stronger, there will be times when we have to dig ourselves out of a whole lot of sh*t, just to see the light. Finding the light isn’t something that happens instantly, we don’t get to jump over the dung heap or dodge around it. It is inevitable. There is no avoiding it.


We have to grow through it.

Because, in all of the manure of life we find our nourishment. It’s where we find who we really are. It’s where we are tested. Where we are formed. It’s what helps us to find our inner strength to press through the tough, stinky times. And in the worst of it is usually where we seek God the most.


I’ve gotta say, I think George was right. Manure is actually pretty refreshing, though mostly in hindsight. I need this reminder to press on through the crap. Eventually I will grow out of this mess, or at least move onto newer manure. And hopefully I’ll be able to be thankful for what the pile I get to leave behind has taught me, when that time comes.


Have you thanked God for manure today?

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