one ring…

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you heard the heavenly hosts break forth in song? That moment where your face was illuminated in wonder, as a soundtrack of glory played in the background?


That movie-like moment, the moment where all came together in harmony and you knew your life was finally complete?


I honestly thought I came close to that moment a few times… Like when I accomplished my hole-in-one playing golf. Or when I experienced my first bacon maple bar from Voodoo Doughnuts. Or any time I visit the pediatrician with my kids and don’t break any bones while I’m there. (Oh, speaking of kids, I know I should count the moment they were born. But those are the obvious and expected choices. I’m not aiming for the obvious here.)


While those were great moments, none of those quite compare to today’s. And I’m not talking about the moment when I stopped myself mid-fall on an escalator. True story. The news that I received today came via text message and then I researched the information on my own soon after. It’s in regards to something I’d even mentioned just this last week.  I said I wished it would happen, but felt hopeless in wishing for this event. It was something I thought would be impossible. I should know better.


Nothing is impossible.

So, what’s the big news? What am I so excited about? What am I turning my post into a giant advertisement for? This. This glorious, wondrous news…



Summer of 2012, Lego will be releasing themed sets based on The Lord of the Rings.


 Can you hear the heavenly hosts singing now? I know I can!

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