the little things

It’s a New Year.




I’m gonna skip all the filler about goals to set, challenges to embrace, things to leave behind in 2011. We’ve all heard it all, thought it all and tried to ignore it all, right? We can pretend we discussed it though, if that makes a difference.


I’m also going to pretend it hasn’t been as long as it’s been since I’ve posted on here. Life’s been a bit crazy, as of late, but that’s not me making any excuses. Nope, I’d never make excuses….


Anyway, today I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the little things. Maybe I’m  counting my blessings more, or maybe I’m just bored. But I’d like to think that mostly I’m being thankful, even if it’s for the little things in life.


I just read a blog that used the word ‘smarmy.’ Every time someone uses that word, it brings me joy. It’s a random word, not one I often hear used and probably mostly mis-used.


And while we’re loving on words…I’m currently reading multiple books as usual, one of them being Bossypants by Tina Fey. I was excited to find that she used the word “teetotaler” in it. A word I’ve always thought was more fun than saying, “sober.” So what if the word hasn’t been in use since 1835? People should go back to using it, it’s silly sounding and could be a conversation starter at parties… Think of the conversation potential, and how your popularity based on vocabulary alone could grow!


Approached by a new acquaintance, “Can I get you a drink?”

A quick, grateful decline is given, “Thank you, no. I’m a teetotaler.”

Okay, conversations may quickly end after exchanges like that, but the word is fun. Or at least funny sounding.


Another blessing I’d like to mention? If you’ve known me long, you might be aware that we have technical difficulties occur at our house nightly. Technically, my boys can be difficult (but not in a purposeful manner). See, brushing teeth always ends with toothpaste in new, random and unlikely locations. Like my socks, the walls in a bedroom, door handles, showers, the dog… My boys are aware of the frustration this causes me, and swear it’s never intentional. It. Just. Happens. So, you can imagine my delight when I went in the bathroom this morning and found that not only had there been a large toothpaste mess made on the tiled counters… the boys had tried to clean the mess up themselves. How Sweet!!!


And in an unrelated note, if you’re wondering how much surface area one pea-sized amount of toothpaste can cover when smeared, I’m estimating about three square feet of tiled counters… And maybe some floors…and a door…


More little things I’m thankful for? The fact that the sun is causing a glare on my computer screen making it almost impossible to type (which I really want to use as an excuse for my writing imperfections. But I wont). The fact that my back feels as if it’s on fire because of the sun. This is a really big dea. It’s January. I live in Oregon, so I know I need more Vitamin D.  Sun! Happy! Me!!!! (I guess I should also  mention here how I’m thankful for deodorant?)


And last but not least, Squirrels. Squirrels definitely belong on this list.


And spell check… The list could go on and on….


What would you add to the list of little things you’re thankful for today?



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