Creativity in action is something I will never tire of, especially when it’s my kids being creative. I love seeing their imaginations at work, embracing their ideas and trying new things. Usually their creative moments are nothing short of joyful, whether it’s drawing or painting or building or disassembling… 99% of the time, I try to applaud their efforts, encouraging them that using their creativeness is awesome, and being inventive is a gift.


And then there’s that 1% of the time. It’s usually when creativity has taken a turn for possibly the worse. When I feel like I’m contradicting myself to say, “Good job!”. When I cringe because it’s a bad idea, but really want to laugh at the boys thinking of such a thing.


It’s like the moment I had last night when I discovered what Creed had done with his Silly Putty. And his brother Traben’s toothbrush.



Creative. Innovative. Not quite destructive or something to encourage, but can we all agree, it’s pretty funny?


How would you use Silly Putty?

8 thoughts on “innovation

  1. Hi! I followed a link from a friend. I have a little boy named Creed too! And here I thought he might be the only one. Excellent name choice. 😉
    One thing you can do when you want to encourage creativity but not mediocrity, is to become creative in praising their projects. You don’t have to lie and say “Great job!!!” every single time they say “look mommy!” Take this (totally awesome silly putty example. You can say “

    1. “That is the most inventive use of silly putty I ever saw! Next time let momma know, and I’ll help you find something even cooler to try hanging!” Or say they drew a picture and you have no clue what it is, you first say “Tell me about what you drew!” And then something like “You made good use of the color blue!” It takes some extra thought, but it can also help encourage thinking about their art a bit more deeply themselves.

      1. There aren’t a lot of Creed’s out there, but it is a wonderful name!

        I totally agree on the encouraging creativity most. Especially in instances like this, my kids are usually met with a kind, “Wow, what were you thinking here? Tell me about it?” Followed by a, “Now you need to go clean it up, k?”

        And they never cease to entertain!

    1. I highly suggest you buy some. I emphasize ‘buy’ because making it is always disastrous (at least when I’ve tried!). Plus it’s just plain ol’ fun!

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