so wrong

Not that I particularly like to boast about my accomplishments, but if I’m being very honest about me, I have to say I’m good at being stubborn. Not just good, I excel at it. If my mind is made up, there is no budging me from my convictions. Usually.


But if I’m to be completely honest about me, I also have to admit that there are occasions when I have die to self a little. When I let my convictions crumble for one reason or another. When I decide that it’s not worth it to stick with my beliefs. When it seems I just need to be a little flexible. That sometimes my ideals take too much effort to stick with, and I need to try to see things from a different perspective.


Yesterday, I prayed for something to happen that goes against every fiber of my being. And I’m aware that it really wasn’t because of my prayers that it actually happened, as the events were inevitable. But I prayed for something that is the complete opposite of what I believe, I prayed for what I consider a curse.


I. Prayed. For. Snow.


See, I noticed how disappointed my boys were with the few flakes we received yesterday, how little they had to play with. I saw how much fun they wanted to have. And I couldn’t help but be bummed for them. So I asked God if he could just send a little more for tomorrow. Because life isn’t always about what we want, what I want. And as much as it felt so wrong to pray for it, it also seemed to right.


Besides, if we didn’t get more of that crappy, cold white stuff, I wouldn’t have been able to capture the smiles in these pictures today. And these smiles are enough to warm the coldest day.





Ever prayed for something that goes against your firmest beliefs? Like snow?


One thought on “so wrong

  1. I finally got around at having a peak at your blog. Its been awhile and i hope your well. So i take it you dont like snow? Awesome that He answered your prayer and that scripture comes to mind about how if we know how to give good gifts to our children then imagine how much god will give awesome gifts;-)

    A few times i have been praying for others…to change haha and in the end because ofr conviction prayed that i would change and that i could see others from his perspective. Even if the person im praying for isnt very nice. The outcome is always amazing.

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