Problems on National Proof Readers Day

The problem with writing a much-appreciated post as my previous one is that, now the bar has now been set a little higher. Probably too high. Which wouldn’t usually pose such a problem, as I like challenges.


But it is a problem! See, I’m not feeling great. And I didn’t realize I could be such a pansy until today. But I’m going to have grace for myself and try to rest. A little. Maybe. Which is probably a good idea, because I haven’t been able to form coherent sentences today. Which also has me wondering why I’m penning any of this at all…


Seriously. Today walking officially takes talent I no longer posses, and therefore perform the task gracelessly. (I have a friend who can attest to the absolute brain-no-longer-is-functioning person I become when I’m feeling under the weather. And, she being a true friend, has requested that this person I become make appearances now and again so laughter at my expense can happen. So really, maybe I didn’t accidentally get ill, but subconsciously I’m just being selfless and trying to bring others laughter?!)


I digress.


Anywho, I’ve decided to not try to leap over the bar that is now set a little higher than normal. I decided to try to limbo under it. And let everyone have a nice little laugh at my expense while doing so.


Recently while I was compiling family photos for a little slide show I made, I came across my hospital baby photo. And I laughed because the picture is ridiculous. I cannot begin to describe how I feel about this photo. So of course I decided to scan it into my computer while I had a chance, so I could have a copy of it for whatever reason later. After hours of work and finishing the project, I decided it’d be a good idea to copy not only the slide show, but the actual photo files onto some cd’s/dvd’s to share with friends & family. I was even smart enough to remember that, before starting the burning process of these discs, I removed the picture of my brothers I saved for future bribery…


But I forgot to remove my own, um… interesting(?) baby picture.


So apologies for this random rambling today. Apologies for limbo-ing instead of leaping.  And apologies for celebrating National Proof Readers Day by proving that mine is on vacation.


But most of all, apologies to all who accidentally received a copy of my baby picture. I didn’t quite understand how to smile for the camera yet.


So let’s turn this into a caption contest, okay? Best caption wins the knowledge that you can mock babies better than anyone else… And… GO!!!

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