perspective is a magical thing

In traveling across the country this last week, I was constantly reminded how small I am. Not to say that I let myself feel insignificant, (though there was a moment or two where I definitely felt humbled). But I was able to again be reminded about how large this world is. And reminded even more so how small the part is that I play in this world.



See, I’ve always been one who desires to make great waves, but I realize I may only be able to cause the slightest ripple in a puddle…

I’ve wanted to travel across the world, conquering it with my brand of sarcasm…but I realize there will always be places I will never have the time to traverse…

I’ve always considered myself curious of my surroundings and ready to explore anything, then I meet guys like this…

I’ve hoped to be taken seriously for my thoughts, but then I remember those who have shared their knowledge already…

I’ve desired to have the ability to be welcomed as someone who is different or unique. That I would be able to stand out from the crowd, not be lost in it. But I realize there will always be someone else who can carry themselves far above others, and with greater poise.


I’ve been reminded again that I’m human. That sometimes my perspectives need to be shifted. That sometimes what I see isn’t what really is. I’ve been reminded again to think bigger. To think outside the box. To stretch, to grow and aim for things I’ve never dreamed could happen. But I’ve also chosen to remember to live in this moment, and not just seek what’s ahead. Such a simple task I’m constantly forgetting.


“I’m more than a noise to be…” Those words are part of a lyric I chose to have included in a tattoo on my arm, just because of this dilemma. I get so caught up in what could be, what might be, what should be… I forget that I simply am. I am here. Now is all I have. It’s all any of us have, really.


What perspectives do you embrace? Any you desire to change?

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