Conquering the Galaxy

I’ll admit it. I have a grand affinity for Star Wars. It’s the nerd part of me I cannot deny… Actually, I refuse to do so. It’s just part of me, okay? Maybe not part of me enough to get a tattoo related to it, but I don’t doubt that’s a possibility. I mean, I already have a cartoon character and a video game emblem… and I’m not even a gamer. (Who makes these choices?! Oh, yeah. Me.)


As always, I digress. But, if you have any idea how much I adore Star Wars and the random crap they peddle with all of its glorious imaging, you may just understand how excited I was to find something as majestic as I recently discovered.


What else do I love in life with equal, possibly even greater affection than Star Wars?




So you can imagine my excitement in knowing that, in my mission towards world domination, I have a new aid in my journey. A new source of power. A new energy. The force will be much stronger with me now…. I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…… Maybe I’ve never sensed it like this before.



“You don’t know the power of the dark side!”…. Especially when it’s caffeinated.


Consider yourself warned.


Come to the Dark Side. We have java.


10 thoughts on “Conquering the Galaxy

  1. you do know that is just a promo pic on the label…Luke’s father only drinks tea….well, tea and sometimes bourbon

    1. I’m afraid of what shipping charges may be incurred… if you place an order with the Sith Coffee Lords, wanna let me know how much it costs? I’m thinking all those light years may add up…

  2. Umm…Could there be a better thing ever created? No. I drink coffee every day out of a 1980 mug from McDonalds and the ESB. It would be the perfect marriage.

    1. Just think, if you paired your incredible ESB mug with this cofffee, imagine how strong the force would truly be with you!

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