Impulsive Ink

It’s only been a few days since I declared my love for Star Wars and coffee here on my site. And I’m aware that the affection I expressed for both probably came as hardly a surprise. But I still needed to make the truth be known to all, though I have no idea why.


Maybe it’s because I could sense I was about to make a somewhat impulsive decision. One that would need some explaining eventually. (Yet, it’s honestly not one I can explain very well. That’s why I called it impulsive.)

See, in the ten days since I wrote that last post, I decided to embrace my nerdiness a bit more, and make it a bit more permanent.


I’ve always admired the Dark Side with all of its grand Sith Lords and force chokes. They just have a winning presence (except when they’re actually losing). And of course, I’ve always preferred the color red on a light saber any day. Plus, I love the color black and always thought it would be fun to wear a cape (wow, apparently I’m all for admitting everything now? Do I wish I was Darth Vader? Um, honestly?  No. You think I’m that much of a nerd?!)…

Yet, as much as I prefer all things dark side…


Han Solo has always had my heart.

I can’t help it. It’s just a fact of life, and I refuse to deny it. I choose to embrace it. So much so, that yesterday I decided to act on one of my impulsive ideas. (Acting on impulse is probably something I shouldn’t do too often.) In the midst of my tattoo sleeve of stars, song lyrics, a japanese crane, a Toy Story Alien, a video game symbol and a dragon, there was a  location that had yet to be filled. Therefore, a choice I needed to make, as color was soon to be filling that area on my arm.


With a laugh, I declared in the middle of my session getting inked, “I think I want the Millennium Falcon on the back of my arm.”


I said it, and it was done. Well, the outline anyway. It will be finished in a few weeks, but in the meantime, I’ve committed to having it forever, as it’s all outlined on my arm. Permanently.


I’ve committed to being impulsive.


I’ve committed to my love.


I’ve committed to being quite the nerd.


Made any impulsive decisions lately? Does it take expensive laser removal services to fix it?


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