Jim Carrey Made Me Do That

It was 1995. I had quite the adolescent sense of humor. Granted, it was probably because I was an adolescent. I think we can all recognize that the majority of teenagers will laugh at anything, especially dumb humor. I know I did, and I specifically use the word ‘dumb’ because Dumb & Dumber was one of my favorite movies. A great choice during those precious, formative teenage years. I’d like to say in the years since that my delight is now found in a more refined sense of humor. And part of it is… But I’m still not above laughing at really, really stupid things. Proof? I still read Dave Barry books, and he’s the guy who wrote Boogers are my Beat. Even more proof? I still like the movie Dumb & Dumber

Compared to today, when only one or two movies a year are memorable, the nineties presented some movies that are still impacting me, even now. Maybe that explains more than I’d care to admit about my personality, being that I still embrace immature humor from… er, just a few years ago. (Humor me? I’d like to pretend that I’m not as old as I am and the ’90’s weren’t so long ago.) 1995 was truly a great year, for so many immeasurable reasons.  Honestly, I currently can’t remember any of them, or maybe don’t want to take time to list them, other than this lone simple fact: it gave the world a sequel of less-than-epic proportions. Yes, I meant to write less-than-epic. It will become obvious when you realize I’m talking about the fact that 1995 gave us–drumroll please– Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

Before I continue, can we all just take a moment to pause and be thankful. Thankful for what, you ask? Thankful for what?! Let us truly take the time to be thankful for all that Jim Carrey has contributed to this world. The laughs, the drama, the joy… Not that I’m a fan of his work, or anything

Okay, back to the topic at hand. It’s not my favorite work of his, but When Nature Calls had its moments of grandeur. (I’d like to point out that I’m quite possibly the first person to reference that movie, and use the word ‘grandeur,’ in the same sentence. And upon further thought, it’s exactly the wrong word and should never have been used.) It had laughable moments, but let’s face it, the whole movie was absurd. Which is why it was loved, and also why it was hated. And it’s especially why it’s memorable.

I couldn’t help but think of this movie the other day, which caused the memory of Jim Carrey’s voice to start singing loudly inside my head. All because I noticed a slinky. A slinky! I instantly thought of the moment when Jim Carrey’s character, Ace, has one more task he must complete… It’s an important one. He has to get his slinky to go down hundreds of steps at a temple. And all the while the slinky is moving, he’s singing. If you haven’t seen it, or have forgotten this moment, it’s a must-watch.

With the slinky song still bouncing around in my cranium, I found myself unable to ignore the slinky any longer. Maybe it was that I actually wanted to ignore the tasks I was working on. Mostly, I think  it was a simple moment of inspiration. (Inspiration from the voices in my head happens often, but it really is no cause for concern. Promise!) I reached for my iPhone, snapped a couple of pictures and continued on with my day. Hours later, I still had the slinky song stuck in my head and driving me a bit crazy. (I will never understand how songs can get stuck on repeat, so to speak, in our minds.) No matter the cause, insanity or inspiration, I had an idea come to mind with the nonsensical tune, so I picked up my phone and opened a photo app…

In homage to the insanity of When Nature Calls, in honor of all the craziness that the song represents, and especially because the voice of Jim Carrey wouldn’t leave my head, I created this.

 Do you have a remedy you employ to that helps remove unwanted songs from your head?

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