Festivus & Fricken Chicken

I know it’s not Festivus season yet, but I wish it was. I love that time of year!  Decorating is a breeze, and a task I enjoy. Knowing I only have to bring out the beautifully simple Festivus Pole in its shiny-chrome glory, brings me joy thinking about it. No other decorations are needed, and that’s probably for the best. Should it be a clutter-ridden-overly-decorated holiday, like so many other wintertime holidays, it could be problematic. Decorations in excess, like those pesky Christmas Trees and their presents, could interfere with where the Feats of Strength might need to be located. Plenty of room is needed for that activity! And without the Feats of Strength, there’s no closure to the holiday.


But before closure is found, there is one other aspect of Festivus that I actually miss most. It’s the beginning, and the part I hold closest to my heart. It’s the part I wish ever so much that I could partake in it, in this exact moment.


I need to have an Airing of Grievances.


From time to time we all need that. We need to vent, we need to express ourselves, we need to air our frustrations. So today, out of season and rather last-minute, I’d like to invite you to celebrate Festivus in August with me.


I’ll start with a few of my grievances, and I hope you choose to participate by adding your own grievances in the comment section.


It’s Olympics time. Again. Which means we have to listen to Bob Costas. Again. WHY?! Am I the only who finds him irritating agitating annoying awful? In all fairness, is there a single commentator that’s actually tolerable? One, just one?!


What’s the hype with Ryan Gosling? I. Don’t. Get. It. Maybe I’m the only girl in the world who will admit to this, but I just don’t understand.


Speaking of hype, can we just take a break from all this fricken chicken sandwich talk? It’s a sandwich. At a fast food restaurant. You want to defend something that will kill you, fine. You want to boycott something that’s greasy and overrated, go for it. But please, please! Can we quit updating our status on Facebook and tweeting about it already? Can we quit creating bigger chasms that aren’t necessary?


Wanna change the world? Want to see a noticeable difference in your community and others? Want people to know what you’re really about? Quit posting pics of your Chick-Fil-A bags and start doing something useful. Take five minutes of effort and that $5 you would/wouldn’t spend at CFA and give it away.


Do something to fight hunger.


Do something to fight poverty and help empower people.


Help people have access to clean water.


This will change the world. This will make an impact. This will show the world you actually care, and in a meaningful way.


And please don’t… Don’t continue adding to the division. Don’t continue pointing fingers. Don’t continue judging. We could all disagree on something, we will disagree at some point. It’s inevitable. What we should do is agree to trying to make a difference, and one that can be life changing, especially for those on the receiving end.


And that would be a true Festivus Miracle.


Want to respond to my grievances? Want to add your own? Share your thoughts, that’s what the comment section is for!

4 thoughts on “Festivus & Fricken Chicken

  1. Some people celebrate the Airing of Grievances Daily. It builds followers and teams. Teams are on differing sides, right?
    So, you are inviting us to celebrate with you today, hmmm. For some reason I am absolutely blank at this moment as I try to pull up a grievance. That’s odd. 🙂 I better get out of this quiet office…

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