Caption This

I wanted to title this post, “This sucks” or “Just suck it up.” Something sarcastic to fit my nature.


I wanted to write about how I prefer to think outside of the box, even though I loathe that cliché saying. I thought about writing that, for once, I was actually caught thinking inside the box, as that’s where the straws still remained when I photographed them.


I thought about attempting to be punny, or possibly even funny…


I contemplating turning this into an inspirational post, something about finding beauty in anything and everything.


I decided that, despite the many options, there could be only one winning solution. And I came up with an exceptional solution if I do say so myself.


I decided to grab a cup of coffee and let the picture speak for itself.



Time for fun!


Caption this photo, whether it be funny or punny or random, let’s hear what you’ve got! Leave your ideas in the comments section, winner gets bragging rights!

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