Confessions: The Envy Edition

I never considered envy to be much of a struggle for me. I usually hold the perspective that my life is good; I have my needs met. I mean, I live I America, I have a loving family, great friends, a warm house, groceries in my cupboards, plenty of coffee, a loud drum kit and tattoos.  Sure other people might have things I don’t, so what? 


Like I said, I don’t usually struggle with envy, but the other day I found myself battling it fiercely. I was reviewing an image I’d captured on my iPhone, a picture I absolutely love, but it is also the cause of my grief.


See, if I’m honest, I’ll admit that I have moments when I find myself envious of my dog.


He can play whenever he wants. He never has any work that must be done, unless there’s a mess that he finds appealing and wants to help clean (food spills from my sons, usually). He has every meal catered to him. His wardrobe, though limited is always commented on and admired by others. His medicines, though only needed infrequently, are always paid for by someone else, as are all of his doctor’s appointments…


But the thing I find myself envying him for the most isn’t a thing, but a moment. As I’m recovering from sickness, trying to get work done despite the fact that I’m exhausted, I keep envisioning the image I captured of my dog. And I’m extremely jealous of him.


While I’d never want to be a dog, I’d like to have the ability to nap, whenever, wherever… I promise I wouldn’t abuse the privilege, I have no desire to be lazy,  but I would enjoy it.


mojo nap



Do you struggle with naptime envy?



7 thoughts on “Confessions: The Envy Edition

  1. I completely agree. I had a roommate in college who could nap whenever, but then again he wasn’t the safest when it came to night driving.

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