Renaming the Days of the Week

I decided to give titles to the days of this week before it even began.


Sordid Sunday.

Miserable Monday.

Terrible Tuesday.

Wretched Wednesday.

Tragic Thursday.

Foul Friday…


If you can’t tell, I vehemently hate this week. I rarely use the word hate, but I feel very strongly about this week. It’s already wrecking me, and it’s only Monday.




Last year, this was a week that became my lifelong enemy. It was a week that became forever marked on my calendar as a week of great upset.


This is the week that will mark one year since my dad died.


One very, very long year. Yet it has also been a year that’s flown by at breakneck speed.


I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to process the fact that it’s already been a year.


I don’t know that I want to process this fact.


I don’t know that I am able to process this fact.


But there is one thing I do know…


I miss my dad.

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