Mojo’s Delight

My dog again has me thinking that maybe we all need to take time to enjoy the simpler things in life. He sure seems to know how to do such a thing.


See, I find my dog Mojo, multiple times a day, nudging our sprinkler in the back yard, hoping he can cause it to come to life. There may be no greater joy for him than to play in the water on hot summer days. Well, joy in playing in sprinkler water. He’s not a fan of bodies of water, like lakes, rivers or pools. He can’t swim. Honestly, I never knew that some dogs can’t swim, then one fateful day Mojo jumped into a lake and started swimming as though he was a submersible. Only underwater. I had to rescue him. Needless to say, he now has a life jacket for any outings that involve water more than a few inches deep.


Yes, they make life jackets for dogs. (A fact I find completely ridiculous, yet altogether necessary.)


But I really digress…


For a change of pace, I decided to let Mojo play in the yard with the hose running, instead of his typical, favored sprinkler. This seemed to delight him (if a dog is capable of feeling delighted?).



Pure joy. No really, that's joy, he just looks crazy.

Pure joy. No really, that’s joy, he just looks crazy.



Summertime Bliss. At least it's bliss if you're a dog that likes to be jetted with a sprinkler in the face...

Summertime Bliss… Well, it’s bliss if you’re a dog that likes to be jetted with a sprinkler in the face.



Do you know how to teach a dog to swim? I wish I was kidding…

6 thoughts on “Mojo’s Delight

    1. Oh, I don’t doubt dogs feel happiness! Delight just seems to be a little bit of a deeper felt emotion than I would usually assign to my sprinkler loving puppy…

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