More Exciting Than Chalk

I survived.


A whole month.


Without a computer.


You guys, the world outside is fabulous, I hope you remember to experience it from time to time. I had the privilege of having my computer become infected with some random malware that was driving me insane and rendering my laptop useless. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad being somewhat disconnected. Being that I have an iPhone, I stayed somewhat connected, though limited to what I could do, especially with my dear blog (Does the Word Press app crash much? Um, yeah.). Truly, the biggest thing I missed? Being able to type on an actual keyboard.


Other than that? Not a whole lot. Why? Not having the temptation to waste time on the internet, “staying connected,” gave me plenty more time to try new things.


Like taking apart boat motors. For real.

Take apart a boat motor? Why not!

Take apart a boat motor? Why not!



And making zucchini jam. As in mango-pineapple-zucchini jam and strawberry-pineapple-zucchini jam. Trust me, the stuff is dangerously good.

Mango-pineapple-zucchini jam & strawberry-pineapple-zucchini jam...

Mango-pineapple-zucchini jam & strawberry-pineapple-zucchini jam…


I discovered new-to-me waterfalls…

Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Sahalie Falls, Oregon


And I accidentally stumbled upon a festival I wasn’t planning on attending while taking a walk with my mom by the river…

They spared no expense on the signs this year...

They spared no expense on the signs this year…


I decided it was still fun to draw on walls…

I highly recommend taking time to draw on walls... Especially if they're chalk walls.

I highly recommend taking time to draw on walls… Especially if they’re chalk walls.


Have you ever heard of the Cove Palisades? Neither had I until a week ago…

The Cove Palisades, Oregon

The Cove Palisades, Oregon



One month. One month of no computer. One month to remind me to keep my priorities in check. One month to remind me I still like Oregon and its beauty, which I need to be reminded of when I’m feeling like a character on an episode of Portlandia. Seriously, just today I went to the store to get some organic fertilizer for my tomatoes, as they’re struggling this year. At the checkout, the cashier looked quite disgruntled, literally gasping in disbelief at my purchase she said to me, “You don’t put your egg shells in your garden?!” Um, nope.


Thankfully I’d remembered my reusable bags so she didn’t have any other reasons to reprimand me!


I really digress…


I hope you, my dear readers, are taking advantage of the incredible hours you’ve been given. Make every moment matter, turn lemons to lemonade and computer viruses into excuses for adventure. Life’s too short not to enjoy it.



Experience any grand summer adventures yet? Have any great plans for what’s left of summer?


4 thoughts on “More Exciting Than Chalk

  1. The beautiful thing, too, is watching for what God reveals to you when you are outside your comfort zone! Thanks for the post, a great reminder!

    1. It is such a beautiful thing to see what’s revealed to us when we are outside of our comfort zone, I couldn’t agree more!

  2. After 30 years of living in Lane County I went to The Country Fair for the first time. My 37 year old Army Ranger, Private contractor , high risk diplomactic security specialist took me. He goes whenever he happens to be stateside in July. Go figure . It was amazing . I highly recomend it.

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