I Never Knew…

Mojo, happy to be out on the boat...

Mojo, happy to be out on the boat…


I never knew, until a couple of years ago, some dogs just can’t swim. Seriously.


I actually discovered this fact by accident. One day, while out on a boat with family in northern California, my dog Mojo decided he wanted to join me in the water and jumped in. With a big splash, he happily landed in the water, ready to play. Instantly he started doggy paddling, swiftly moving away from the boat towards me, a complete natural, except for one tiny fact…He was only able to swim underwater. I quickly grabbed his harness, pulled him to the surface and made sure he was okay.  He was, but it was a close call.


Apparently some dogs, due to body shape (or lack of intelligence), just can’t swim. Apparently, there are many of these dogs in the world, enough so that they actually make doggy life jackets. Apparently my dog is one of these oddities.


Honestly, it feels ridiculous to have to put a life jacket on a dog. I’ve noticed other people acting all smug because they have water-capable canines. I’ve seen them looking at me like I’m crazy, as I’m standing on the dock with my life-jacket-wearing dog, getting ready to board our boat.


No, I’m not crazy. My dog is crazy.


I say this with love, but I say this with all sincerity. The dog who can’t swim, the dog who only sinks, the dog I lovingly refer to as a ‘submersible,’ also happens to be the dog that wants to jump out of the boat into the deepest of waters.


He truly needs a life jacket, or maybe to have his IQ tested.


Whether Mojo is crazy or stupid, I’m not sure. What I do know is, if I spend more than a second or two contemplating this ridiculous situation, it makes me laugh.


Have any crazy pet stories?


6 thoughts on “I Never Knew…

  1. Don’t feel ridiculous for putting a life jacket on your dog. We do the same. Our dog can swim, though he’s not terribly fond of it, and he tires easily. He wears a life jacket whenever we go boating. Mojo looks very handsome in his life jacket!

    1. I never thought about the fatigue factor with dogs swimming. Sounds like a life jacket is also a good choice for your dog, better safe and silly looking, than sorry, right?

      1. Absolutely! There are some dogs who can swim for days, but our Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix isn’t one of them. (Interesting note below from M E McMahon… sounds like Jack Russells just aren’t swimmers…) Our dog Wrigley is good for about 30 seconds, which might not be enough time to rescue him if he fell off the boat, especially in rough seas. I always figured all dogs could/wanted to swim — who knew?!

  2. Better be safe than sorry. My friend had a Jack Russell who fell off our dock and sank like a stone! Had to rescue him…that’s when I found out that not all dogs can swim!

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