My Life As A Toilet Paper Funeral Director, Chapter 2

Welcome to Chapter Two of My Life As A Toilet Paper Funeral Director.

If you haven’t yet read the origin story of RIP TP, I invite you to join this story from the beginning by simply clicking here.

I asked myself what type of funeral would hold the most impact, cinematically speaking. One idea instantly begged me to pursue it: the Viking funeral. There’s something intriguing about seeing sadness afloat, the despair of watching it follow the currents away from the familiar. There’s fury, reverence, and grief in witnessing fire-tipped arrows raining down onto a boat carrying the deceased that creates a striking visual.

I knew it was the next video I had to attempt to create.

Another Hero Enters Valhalla

(Please don’t begin with me on historical inaccuracies. I have spent hours studying ancient death rituals in recent weeks, and I am absolutely aware this wasn’t actual Viking tradition. I have stated from the beginning that though I might give a nod to traditions, historical accuracy would likely be missing in my productions. Plus, we’re talking about toilet paper funerals, I mean…)

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