My Life As A Toilet Paper Funeral Director, Chapter 3

I have watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy more than almost any other movie. The entire experience of it, from beginning to end, is captivating. The production quality, the story so closely based on the beloved books, the incredible acting, all of it draws me in and I can’t help but give it my full attention. It’s transporting, it evokes emotion from me as the viewer. I find myself quickly becoming invested in the characters on the screen, willing them to continue their journey. After every viewing I am left in awe of the cinematic feats accomplished in the films.

It’s almost as good as my all-time favorite movie Dumb & Dumber.

While contemplating new ideas for toilet paper funerals, I tried to envision moments in film with poignant deaths or funerals. There were several memorials that came to mind, but the one that sparked the idea for my third video was the near-death of Faramir in Return of the King. His body laying on the funeral pyre, awaiting the flames felt so final, so dismal, especially since he was not actually dead. Gandalf and Pippen enter on Gandalf’s horse Shadowfax, disrupting the proceedings. Denethor in his insanity is standing on the pyre over Faramir, declaring there is no victory, when Gandalf sprints Shadowfax towards the growing flames.  Long story short (actually the scene is only about three minutes long), Pippen saves Faramir and Shadowfax kicks Denethor into the pyre and the great beyond.

All that to say, it’s an intense scene, visually striking, and I wanted to recreate a tiny tribute to that moment with toilet paper.

Without further explanation I present to you, Death is Just Another Path.

If this is your first visit to my site, make sure to check out the Origin story of RIP TP here.

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